Luxury Multifamily Lighting

First impressions are essential in life and in design!  Spacious common areas, high-end finishes, and sophisticated lighting are important factors in creating luxurious multifamily living. A positive first impression will be made with careful considerations to all these design details.  Lighting sets the mood and welcomes guests and residents into the space.

Attract New Buyers  With Lighting

According to the Washington Post in January 2020, “Long considered the domain of established real estate investors, multifamily properties increasingly are becoming a popular path to homeownership for some first-time home buyers.” 

First time home owners of multifamily living will likely be environmentally conscious Millennials and as a result, they will be interested in multifamily living properties that are environmentally sound. The right lighting can help contribute to that bottom line. New technology allows lighting to be energy efficient which helps reduce overall operating costs, which is to everyone’s benefit.  Designers produce welcoming and inviting spaces by specifying finishes and products that create luxury.

They also specify products that reduce the environmental footprint.  Remington Lighting’s team of lighting experts are happy to assist interior designers, architects and specifiers with lighting for multifamily living that is beautiful and practical. Yes, you can have it all!  Designers work to reduce the environmental footprint by specifying sustainable products and materials that evoke luxury. 

Although the younger demographics may think they are more environmentally conscious, saving money and saving the planet are universal.  Installing light-emitting diodes (LEDs) bulbs and innovative controls conserves energy and helps attract demographics of all ages.

Lighting highlights the architecture of your building and provides way-finding. The right lighting at the entry points leads guests to a destination setting the mood and tone of their experience. Lighting can also draw attention to the parts of your building you want to highlight. Take the entry point into the building’s lobby and common areas into special consideration. 

Remington Lighting is suited to design fixtures for any type of interior application. Well lit corridors and spaces are top priority for guests and residents within a building. All types of lighting styles can be designed, by Remington, to address any area, and be cohesive with the interior design concept and other decorative fixtures. Remington is happy to provide custom solutions to any area.

Remington Lighting’s custom solutions can also address safety concerns. Multifamily buildings need well-lit areas, Residences and guests will feel welcome and safe because lighting is carefully considered at the start of the project. Remington has lighting in all interior genres from common areas to corridors to stairs to bathrooms. 

If you don’t see something you like on our website, the sky’s the limit since we will help you create your own that will fulfil all your specifications from safety to sophistication.  Adequate lighting in designs for hallways, stairs, floors and ramps to helps occupants feel safe and enhances their experience. 

Manage Energy Costs

Large buildings come with high energy costs. Custom fixtures equipped with LEDs use far less energy than outdated lights. Aim to replace all lights in the building with new, energy-efficient options. If your client prefers to stagger the expenses of these upgrades, you can complete this stage as you redesign in phases. We recommend prioritizing the areas that use the lights the most. Corridors, stairways and common areas often house lighting fixtures that are always on. Start there.

Lighting controls are another way to save on energy and lighting maintenance costs. Integrating dimmers, sensors and timers can help residents and guests reduce usage.

Consider Lighting Metrics and Temperature Color 

If lighting upgrades are part of your design, consider these metrics’ to determine which type of LED lighting you want.

A lightbulb’s color rendering index (CRI). is the measurement of light in relationship to how it affects the appearance of color. Essentially it measures the light source’s ability to show colors realistically.  Manufacturers use a scale from zero to 100, and a 100 rating illuminates the most accurate colors. For selecting the correct lamp, aka bulb, it is best to select a CRI between 90 and 100.  This index’s importance fluctuates based on whether you’re designing kitchens and common rooms or laundry rooms.

ENERGY STAR certified bulbs are available in a wide variety of shades of white light, ranging from yellowish, to white, to bluish white light, which allows you to customize the mood of your space. Many ENERGY STAR certified bulbs come in “warm” colors to match the yellowish light of incandescent bulbs, but you can also choose “cooler” colors with whiter or bluer light. Source:   The color of lighting is measured on a scale known as Kelvin (K).  Most multifamily living spaces use 2700 and or 3000K.  Since 3000K is a brighter white it may be used in common areas, like the lobby and corridors and 2700 K is used in the residential units like the bathroom sconces and kitchen lighting.  

Contact Remington for Your Lighting Needs

Remington Lighting is a luxury lighting manufacturer with full-service design capabilities. We can work with you to design solutions for multifamily buildings from concept to reality. What’s more, you can fit luxury fixtures into your budget since you’re purchasing them directly from us, the manufacturer. Take your lighting design to the next level with Remington.

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